Live–demoHow to improve the efficiency of your DLP solutions with User Data Classification

17 November11:00 EET

For maximum protection of confidential data, companies need to involve employees in this process. User data classification is a tool that involves the authors of essential documents in their defence against leakage. Integrating a solution of this class with DLP makes this protection integral. 
The Boldon James solution seamlessly integrates with technology from best-in-class vendors, enabling users to manage data efficiently and optimize operations. 




Yevgeny Borodai - technical expert on the DLP Digital Guardian solution, BAKOTECH

In the live demo, we will discuss Boldon James' user data classification, the need for user privacy assessments and visual labels on documents, and how to integrate this solution with multi-vendor DLP.

We will analyze the following Use cases:

  • Artboard 19

    Workstation integration with DLP Digital Guardian

  • Integration with Trellix DLP

  • Network protection by Firewall, filtering: internal, Secret, Top Secret information exemplified with Palo Alto

  • Mail Security (Digital Guardian Network DLP)



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